Celebrating the New Moon – NWSS Rosh Chodesh Women’s Group

At NWSS, we modelled our Rosh Chodesh group on Peninah Adelman’s Miriam‘s Well: Rituals for Jewish Women Around the Year.

The unifying theme of a Rosh Chodesh Women’s Group is the exploration of Jewish women’s issues, with particular emphasis on personal spirituality, ritual, and celebration.

Our group utilizes the minhag (custom) of an opening prayer and placing our Miriam’s Cup (filled with water) in the centre of the table to create a ‘sacred space’ and provide continuity. This ritual encourages us to feel more empowered to take charge of our Jewish lives, and enables us to celebrate, study, and explore.

We believe that every woman in a Rosh Chodesh group can contribute from her own unique skills, talents, and experience for the benefit of the group as whole. The NWSS Rosh Chodesh group provides a unique opportunity for us to share experiences and learn from each other. After all, we are experts at our own lives.


Dear God, God of our mothers and fathers,
Renew us this month and this year
Direct us
Toward goodness and blessing
Toward the joyful
Toward liberation and challenge, as well as
Toward patience and consolation
Toward becoming ever more human beings.
Let us become capable of supporting ourselves,
Our families and friends,
Let us serve our community in dignity.
Direct us
Toward life and peace
Toward observing our blindness
Toward struggling with our goals
Toward forgiving ourselves and each other.
You brought us near with an intention
You gave us the awareness of the cycles of the moon.
May we use this gift as an opportunity
To understand what you intend for us.
Thank you for inviting us to share your holiness and
This holy moment of the New Moon.