Bar (boys) and Bat (girls) Mitzvah

A Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is an occasion for celebration. Yet there is much to be done beforehand so that the boy or girl is prepared for this important step in their religious “coming of age” and the responsibilities it entails.

Preparing for a Bar/Bat MitzvahLearning Bar Mitzvah

NWSS has a full, demanding and rewarding programme for Bar and Bat Mitzvah students. Pupils come through Cheder, studying Hebrew and subjects related to Judaism. At 12 they enter the Senior School where there is a chance for them to take the GCSE Judaism course. During the year leading up to their ceremony, they also join the Bar/Bat Mitzvah class which meets before the service on Saturday mornings, and then stay on for the service together with their parents.

The standards we set and attain are high. Pupils are required to read Hebrew fluently as well as have a good knowledge of the contents of their Torah portion and of the service.

At NWSS we take particular pride in being able to include pupils with physical and/or learning disabilities in our programmes.

Our youngsters come out of this process skilled in many ways – with a greater familiarity with the Siddur, with greater comfort with services and with a stronger confidence in their Jewish identity.

Living as we do in a predominantly non-Jewish area, we need to give them all the support we can in strengthening their Judaism. We like to think that our programme and what it achieves does give them that help and that they go on to lead a full Jewish life and, in their turn, are able and keen to pass on our rich traditions.