Cheder (Children’s Learning)

Our students receive an all-round Jewish education which includes Hebrew (with a view to fluent Siddur reading), Bible Studies, Jewish History, Festivals and Rituals, and preparation for Bar and Bat Mitzvah. We also prepare those interested for GCSE in Jewish Studies.


aleph betThe Cheder has sixty students aged 5-15, divided into classes by age. We also have a parent-toddler group for all children, accompanied by a parent or carer, from birth until they start Cheder. We strongly encourage parents to bring their children as early as possibly, to familiarise them with the synagogue. We will of course ‘catch up’ anyone who starts at a later age.


The NWSS Cheder meets on Sunday mornings during the school term.


We begin each morning with a 15 minute Shacharit (morning prayer) to build familiarity with and encourage participation in services; parents are warmly invited to stay for the assembly. After the morning prayer there are two hour-long lessons, Hebrew and Jewish Studies. There is break between lessons, when juice and healthy snacks are available.


There is a well-stocked mobile library, for students and their parents, to encourage extra-curricular reading. There are occasional parent discussion groups, either in connection with one of the Festivals, or Israeli current affairs.


We encourage parents to bring their children to the Family Services.


Children of NWSS members may attend the Cheder free of charge, although there is a small charge for materials.