Purim – What’s hidden beneath the surface …

When we think of Purim we often think of Hamatashen or costumes. However, there is a deeper meaning hiding just beneath the surface of this epic tale.


It is a story of leadership, spiritual regrowth and Divine Providence.

Haman (booo) the Agagite was a descendant of the Amalkite people. Their central belief was that ‘Everything is chance not Divine Providence’. It was prophesied that after 70 years of Persian exile the Jews would return to Israel and rebuild the Temple. Haman miscalculated the dates and was so excited at the prospect that Divine Providence was going to be proven wrong that he threw a huge party to celebrate.


While Haman was hatching his plan to destroy all of world Jewry in the entire Persian empire, the hand of God was already at work replacing Queen Vashti with the unknown Jewish Queen, Esther – who would be in the right place at the right time.


Upon hearing the news of the Haman’s decree, the entire Jewish people united in three days of fasting, introspection and repentance, which triggered God’s plan to save them. Interestingly the name Esther comes from the Hebrew word “Hester” which means hidden and that every step of the way God was working, behind the scenes, to orchestrate the eventual downfall of Haman, his cohorts and to redeem the Jewish people.

Hidden within the story of Purim is a deeper truth about Divine Providence. God did not create the universe and then disappear, rather the Infinite Being has an ongoing relationship with us. We each have experiences of being in the right place at the right time or what Haman would call ‘coincidences’.


All of us have powerful moments of clarity when we can connect the dots. We can see how everything that has happened to us and every opportunity we have taken, has made us who we are and brought us to our current position in life. This reveals the infinite creator working behind the scenes in all our lives.


On behalf of everyone at NWSS, I want to wish you all a very Happy Purim and urge you to come and join us for a deep, mystical and fun Purim at NWSS. For more details of our events please click here.