Top 5 tips for having an amazing Shabbat!

1. Disconnect to reconnect – Imagine the scene…with your two weeks’ holiday a year you decide to spend it on a sun-drenched beach with the sea lapping against the shore, a cocktail in one hand and your mobile phone in the other. Suddenly, beep, beep, it’s the office wanting just a small thing. Two minutes later another – beep beep and so on! With all the wonderful things that come with our 4G life there is one pitfall – distraction.

There is a new trend for people (Jews or otherwise) to refrain from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers for a short period of time. This can be a fantastic opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world. Well guess what? Judaism has this right on our own doorstep, Shabbat!

We can use this time to connect with our spouses, children, family and friends.


2. Delicious Kosher culinary experiences – You may have some fond memories of Gefilta Fish and Matzah Ball soup, but the idea of Shabbat is to enjoy yourself and elevate physical pleasure – so kosher Culinary has come a long way since the shtetl! Check out some of the amazing videos and recipes on Joy of Kosher


3. The art of conversation – A lost art is the art of conversation. What did people do before the 100+ channels of TV or Radio? Well, it was called a Kasher or conundrum. Pick a discussion topic and put a question to everyone, then discuss the idea with each other. Stuck for ideas? Check out this book: Shmooze


4. Wisdom – Ask someone to prepare a piece of Jewish wisdom to share with everyone at the table or print an article for everyone to read. It has been the cornerstone of the Shabbat table to share a Dvar Torah (Lit. Words of Torah).


5. Fun and games – Make time for some fun! Board games can be really good fun! Here are a few suggestions: 1) Apples to Apples 2) Risk 3) Ticket to ride 4) Camel Up

Everyone at NWSS wishes you an amazing Shabbat!