Monthly archives: August 2015

At the period of the High Holydays we think of ways that we can move on in our lives. Through the process of teshuvah/ repentance, we consciously and intentionally try to let go of bad habits or bad relationships, or acts of unkindness that undermine the good within us. Judaism not only recognises the idea of ‘letting go’, it also […]

Tashlich/ You Shall Cast Away . . . Your Wrongdoing

The Czech Torah Scrolls from Nora de Angelli (Nora Anghelescu on Vimeo). This short film will tell a story of tragedy and hope, a story of 1564 Jewish Sifre Torah (Scrolls of the Law), which were rescued from a disused synagogue outside Prague, and brought to Westminster Synagogue in 1964. Here they were carefully restored […]

Journey of the Czech Scrolls…