Explanation of the High Holyday Services

From contemplative, to physical, to joy:
the cycle of the autumn festivals.



preparing our minds, preparing our hearts
Saturday 5 September
The Selichot service this year comes on the first Saturday in September. This short service is our opportunity to get into the right frame of mind for the serious issues that we confront during the High Holy Days. Come and join us for some nosh followed by a discussion and then the Selichot services.



the New Year begins
Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 13/14/15 September
Let us come together with a spirit of joy and anticipation. We can start anew, putting behind us past hurts and disappointments. Let us take seriously the words of the prophet: ‘Cast away your wrongdoings . . . get a new heart and a new spirit’ (Ezekiel 18:31). On Erev Rosh Hashanah we shall pray with the new MRJ draft machzor. The first day will be our more formal service, enhanced by the beauty of our choir; the second day, with a shorter service will include an extended discussion based on themes of this sacred time. On both occasions we shall serve apples and honey following the services, wishing each other a shanah tovah umetukah, a good and sweet year.



the Day of Atonement, taking seriously our vows.
Tuesday/Wednesday 22/23 September
From the stirring sounds of the Kol Nidre prayer through the sounding of the shofar at Yom Kippur’s conclusion, we enter into a twenty-five hour extended meditation of self-reflection. What have we achieved, what goals do we still wish to reach? What behaviours do we want to leave behind us?



our harvest of joy
Sunday/Monday 27/28 September
The fall festivals commence with Sukkot, which celebrates the successful harvest at the end of the growing season. We also give thanks for the blessings we know. Come join us as we recite our prayers, and make Kiddush in the synagogue sukkah.


torah scroll - simchat torahSIMCHAT TORAH:

rejoicing in our teachings
Sunday/Monday 4/5 October
Simchat Torah is that special moment where we read the final lines of Deuteronomy and begin anew with the opening verses of Genesis. Come and celebrate this special time in the life of our religious calendar.