AFTER ‘THE VOTE’   We are now a week after ‘the vote’ to leave the EU.  For some there is rejoicing, for others there is incredulity at such an outcome.   There are interesting and timely connections with this week’s Torah portion, Sh’lach L’cha (Numbers 13:1 ff.) where Moses sends 12 scouts, one from each […]

A week after the vote, a word from Rabbi Dr ...

The EU referendum campaign has reached its conclusion with a vote from the British people to leave the European Union. The campaign has been an emotional one that has at times divided our society in ways we might never have imagined. We will now move forward into a period of negotiations and redefining our relationship […]

EU referendum: a statement from Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner

Israeli Flag
Traditionally at North West Surrey Synagogue Yom Ha’Atzma’ut is celebrated with a Shabbat morning service led by members of the Israel Group. That happened this year on 14 May, but with a difference, because on that same Shabbat the synagogue held a special celebration to thank Avril Hallé  for her many years of teaching – […]

Shabbat Atzma’ut and tribute to Avril Hallé