Teshuva, teffila u’tzedakah: return, prayer and justice. These are the requirements of the High Holy Days. Teshuva; so that we return to ourselves, to others and to God. Tefilla, so that we achieve this return through our act of prayer and of allowing ourselves to be still and listen. And Tzedakah so that we enact […]

Teshuva, teffila u’tzedakah: return, prayer and justice

In my New Year message 12 months ago I wrote that 2016 had been the most tumultuous year in British political life in living memory. This year has been barely less eventful with a surprise General Election producing an even bigger surprise, resulting in the turbulence of a hung Parliament, coalition negotiations and a shaky […]

2017 Board of Deputies President’s Rosh Hashanah Message

Rabbi Kath Vardi took up her post at NWSS following her semicha(ordination) from Leo Baeck College on 2 July 2017 when she was awarded a master’s degree in rabbinic theology. Rabbi Kath and her family have relocated from Preston in Lancashire to Surrey, and she notes that the whole family, who are avid walkers, have already discovered […]

NWSS Welcomes Rabbi Kath Vardi