What to expect

NWSS is a Progressive community and a member of the Movement for Reform Judaism. We are open and inclusive while valuing the traditional Jewish values of learning, caring for each other, and praying together.

In our services men and women sit alongside each other. Men are expected to wear a kippah (small skull cap) – we have plenty of spares available to those that need them. Jewish men wear a tallit (prayer shawl) for Shabbat morning services. In our community some women also choose to wear these items. We do not have a dress code but we do expect people to dress respectfully; most men generally wear a shirt and smart trousers, and women wear dresses (with shoulders covered) or a smart top with trousers/a skirt.

When first arriving you’ll be greeted by our Security Team. If you’ve let us know you’re coming in advance they should be expecting you, and be able to point you in the right direction. Inside the main Sanctuary you will be met by a Warden, who will offer you a Siddur (Prayer book), a service sheet, and if needed a kippah. They’ll be able to find someone to sit with if you wish. Otherwise, you’re welcome to sit wherever you’re comfortable.