Schools & Education

We welcome visits from schools and other places of learning. We have a dedicated team of volunteer guides who will tailor their talks and the tour to the needs of the individual establishment. The guided tours provide an experience of a Jewish place of worship, information about Jewish traditions and practices, and an opportunity to see Torah scrolls and other traditional artefacts. Each year numerous schools and other interested groups take the opportunity to visit.

We can accommodate visits most weekdays, except Wednesdays and Friday afternoons, depending on guide availability and other activities in the building. Most of the visits last between 75 and 90 minutes, possibly slightly less for the very young. We currently ask for a donation of £40 per group, made payable to the Synagogue.

Whatever the age of the children, it is our experience that they will benefit more from the visit if there has been some prior preparation.

We can recommend a useful website for teachers: which has links to a Jewish Way of Life. We would respectfully ask that pupils and staff dress appropriately when visiting and that males wear some form of head covering; skull caps//kippot are always available.

To arrange a visit or make enquiries, please email

We look forward to welcoming you to our Synagogue.